Funding is an essential source for Business financing. It is an act of providing financial resources to finance a need, program or project. The Business in order to meet its huge investment cost seeks to get some external recourse. Drcompliance assists in finding the best source of funding to its client as per their investment module.


Equity Funding

Raising fund from directly from the market by means of sale of ownership in form of shares is the most effective and seeked after source of funding. We at drcompliance provide its clients with extensive guidance on Equity funding, assist them in funding and accomplish their aspirations with prime focus on key value drivers .

Debt Funding

Debt funding is raised by selling bonds, bills or notes to individuals and/or institutional investors. Drcompliance helps companies to raise funds through debt financing and fulfil their working capital or capital expenditure requirements.


Funding for start up

Start-up entities are working towards innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property. Drcompliance provides adequate and timely infusion of capital for start up through the specified modes loans, Institutional financing and
other short term loans.


Private Equity Firm

Private equity firm these are private players who seek to invest in a long term in industries and areas of their expertise.

Venture Capital

venture capital is a form of private equity, providing fundings to small, early-stage, emerging firms that are demonstrate a high growth potential.

Angel Investor

Angel investor is an individual providing capital mainly for the startups. Its generally an affluent person providing funding in exchange of debt or ownership equity


Preferential/ Private Placement

The expression Preferential Issue is an issue of shares or other securities by a Company to a group of people on a preferential basis and does not include shares offered through public issue or right issue.

Institutional Placement

Its a tool where in companies can raise funds by means of issuing debentures that are partly or fully convertable into equity shares.