Capital Market Services

We guide to plans and proposals of those Companies whom want to be proposing to be listed or listed entities, the proposed transactions need to be carried out with the following applicable guidelines, and in systematic manner if any, issued by the market regulator. The services include planning of a transaction, due diligence, obtaining necessary approvals from the authorities concerned, and execution of chain of transactions in a planned and required manner.


BSE/NSE listed companies are suspended by the appropriate authority due to non-compliance/penal reasons or any other reason due to which authority suspects any illegal or non-functioning activity. suspension of companies is to bring a stop on the trading of the companies subject to submission of requirements/clarifications as desired by the authority.
DrCompliance assists in performing activities in respect of revocation of suspended companies and putting it back into its normal state and resuming the trading of shares of the company.


Right issue refers to issue of shares to the existing shareholders when company decides to issues new shares. A right is granted to existing shareholders to exercise their right to purchase shares at a discounted price. If existing shareholder denies to exercise its right, then it can be transferred to the free market.
Bonus issue is assosciated with investor being issued extra shares than what they have already paid for.
DrCompliances assists in preparation of prospectus and other documents and filed for alloment of shares by means of right/bonuss issue to bse/nse.


A preferential issue is an issue of shares or of convertible securities by listed companies to a select group of persons. It is a faster way for the company to raise capital. Various compliances of acts and authorities including Companies Act and SEBI guidelines are to be complied with disclosures in respect of pricing, purpose etc. to be mentioned. Preferential issue is a secondary market instrument.
DrCompliance helps in preparing all documents and conducting due diligence in respect of rules and regulations to be complied for initiating preferential issue.


It is a secondary market strategy and is similar to right issue in which shareholder is given an opportunity to purchase stock at a lower price than the market. This sort of secondary public offering is a way for a company to increase outstanding stock and spread market capitalization (the company's value) over a greater number of shares. Secondary offerings in which new shares are underwritten and sold dilute the ownership position of stockholders who own shares that were issued in the IPO.


Delisting is a process through which a listed security is removed from the exchange on which it is traded. Company has option to voluntarily delist its shares (Voluntarily Delisting), or else, it is delisted for non-compliance of regulations (Involuntary Delisting). Significant legal and compliance cost is involved in this regard. SEBI (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations and other acts and rules are to be followed for delisting of shares of the company.
DrCompliance helps in delisting of shares of the company and conducting due diligence in carrying out all legal formalities for delisting of shares of the company.

-: IPO :-

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering in which shares of the company is sold to the general public for the first time in the securities market. Purpose of IPO is mainly brought out by companies for expansion of business and raising of capital. IPO is mainly going to public for the first time. Offering is proposed to the purchasers via prospectus containing all details of the offer with assistance of merchant banker and underwriter. IPO is governed by different laws in different countries. Pricing of shares is managed by lead manager who arrives at appropriate price of the share.
DrCompliance assists in preparing the prospectus and other necessary compliances to execute the process of IPO and making the company reach the public and arrange for funds for expansion of the business.